Film-Making Revolution with the Freefly MoVI

The new camera stabilizer from Freefly is set to ‘revolutionize the possibilities for camera movement’. In layman’s terms it’s a 3-axis digital stabilized camera gimbal that uses similar technology to the helicopter camera stabilizers used to gain those breathtaking aerial shots in Hollywood movies and my all-time favourite TV series BBC’s Planet Earth.

When we first read about the possibilities of using this kit and the shots that could be achieved back in early April, we viewed the behind the scenes from Vincent Laforet’s short film ‘MoVI’. It took up until the taxi shot achived on roller skates before our minds had melted and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on our own MoVI. See for yourself what all the fuss is about here:

MoVI Behind The Scenes Video

The MoVI allows for endless possibilities, shots that haven’t been possible until now. Steadicams are great, if you have the budget, a highly experienced operator and understand the limitations you’ll need to work within. Let’s face it, it’s old technology that relies on perfect counterbalance; try taking a pendulum out on a windy day and you’ll soon spot one of the many drawbacks of Steadicam! The MoVI allows for fast-paced running shots, popping right up from floor level to head height in one smooth move, through a window, through a building and back out of the other side. Not to mention handing it off up scaffolding to achieve jib style shots or combining it with rollers skates, motorbikes, speed boats? The set-up time is quick, the workflow seems straight-forward and it’ll give us endless new possibilities on every project.

Within five minutes of watching the video, we’d made the decision to purchase one. We bought and the day they were put on pre-order we got in early and put a deposit down. The M-10, which carries cameras up to ten pounds like the Canon 5D, C300 or a stripped down RED Epic, is on track to be arriving with us by the end of September and we’ve got an M-5, which carries cameras up to five pounds, on order which should be with us in December. As soon as they arrive we’ll block out two solid weeks of hands on time with our crew, working through more advanced moves throughout the workshops, so we can quickly establish ourselves as one of the leading UK MoVI Crews.