Easy to Own Luxury Speedboat VanDutch 55

Are you one of those who watch boats or yachts from shore and think that people on board are having more fun than you? Want to own a boat or a yacht but are afraid you don’t know the first step in doing that? Good news is many people, more than who you know, own yachts or boats. That means it really isn’t that hard to get one for yourself. While you’re at it, consider an award-winning boat with a yacht construction known for its elegance, exceptional comfort and cutting-edge design that raised the bar in the yachting industry, the VanDutch 55.

vandutch 55

Because you are now able to dictate what happens during your leisure time, have great fun! Fish, race, sail or just hang out with friends. Falling in love with the 55-foot, part speedboat, part luxury cruiser VanDutch 55 is easy. However, it is always best to use a broker in your yachting journey: be it in selling or purchasing your own vessel.

Why use a broker to buy a boat?

They’re called yacht brokers, and just like real estate agents, you call on them to find a boat. So much so if you want to get hold of a boat so arresting as the VanDutch 55 .

* They know the vessel inside and out. That broker exclusively represents a particular vessel and all questions go through to this yacht broker.

* They help you with getting a boat loan and marine insurance. They can even negotiate the best deal on a VanDutch 55 price which is $1.6 million buy-in.

* They know the paperwork. Paperwork requirements in owning a boat differ in each country, state or province. Ever heard of the Offer to Purchase? What about the Bill of Sale and licensing and registration? Documentation and titling, certificates showing ownership, paying tax and other fees and security agreements are just the basics that a yacht broker may help you with.

* They make sure that, as much as possible you are able to pay, the VanDutch 55 for sale that you fell in love with. They use an escrow account for their client’s funds to pay existing loans.

* They help you enjoy your boat. Are you aware that they know ongoing sailing classes? They also refer clients to boat handling and seamanship classes, help you chart a course and even connect you with boat clubs for exciting boating activities.

More reasons to love VanDutch 55

* Can have up to 20 people.

* Electric power steering.

* Above decks: have classy grooved teak-look, a large, removable canopy and waterproof couches scattered around the deck. New owners get to pick the colour of the hull and the decking.

* Below decks: air-conditioned with two bedrooms. A person up to 185 cm need not stoop. Sofa in the living area transforms to another bed. Wi-fi is definitely available.

Finding a boat or yacht requires industry insight. 212 Yachts has access to a VanDutch 55 and has a practical approach to yacht and boat sales and purchase that support you every step of the way. Contact them directly. Check out

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