Things to Consider when Choosing a Music School

How do you find the right Brisbane music college that you can call home? How to choose a great music school, music department, and college or university music program can be very stressful. Even for experts in the music education discipline, it is not an easy task to advise students on which school is the best for their education. Finding the right music will depend on a lot more than the fact that your mentor or favorite guitarist went there. Here are things you ought to consider when looking for a good music school.

The degree

Many colleges offer more than one type of music degree, performance and education. Certain colleges have more specialized degrees such as music composition, music history, audio engineering and music therapy. Arts degree is another option that colleges offer. The arts degree includes ensemble performance and intense study in private lessons. There are also music colleges which offer performance certificate or associate degree. Generally, there are two year colleges that focus mainly on pop, rock and other genres in the mainstream music. All these options can be very ideal for various students. Having a particular goal about the skills and experience that you want to acquire in a music college will help you match yourself to the ideal school.

The curriculum

Performance degrees in 4 year colleges will likely focus on solo mallet instruments, orchestral percussion, and drum set as well as percussion ensemble. In many colleges, the most common platform for drum set is the jazz department. Although many Brisbane music colleges have jazz program, most of them do not offer jazz degree. This factor compels students who want to study jazz, to spend time studying classical degree so as to fulfill their degree needs. Apparently, there are colleges that have started teaching performance degree in jazz. However, many colleges require a minimum number of hours of performance in classical groups or classical study.

The faculty

It is crucial to carry out research on your mentors. Also, check the curriculum of the program with the resume of the faculty. You want your lecturers to talk from a perspective of experience, not only academic theory. For instance, if a particular program prepares the students for session tasks, those who are running the program should have done session task themselves. In addition, ensure that you check on the alumni of the program. Does the program align with your goals? Do the achievements align well with the program’s curriculum?

The location

Some colleges are situated right in the middle of the city while there are those that are adjacent to a cornfield. However, both have merits. The best thing about a college that is in the outskirts of the city is that distractions are often very few, the cost of living is also low, and it is easy for you to focus on your studies. On the other hand, colleges in the heart of a major city are easy to access.

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