‘Tour De Yorkshire – The Finish Line’

Here is our latest and greatest piece ‘Tour De Yorkshire – The Finish Line’. This short film follows the plight of a true Yorkshire hero who prepares for what appears to be the cycle race of his life. Filmed in a highly cinematic style with shots of beautiful local scenery from the North Yorkshire Dales and the Skipton area, this piece is a real homage to our home county.

Unlike other content that has been released lately in conjunction with the Grand Depart, ‘Tour De Yorkshire – The Finish Line’ pokes fun out of the seriousness of cycling and puts a Yorkshire spin on one of the worlds most internationally recognised sporting events. As a small collective of film-makers we always envisaged contributing something for the Le Tour Yorkshire and saw this short film as a great way of doing so.

The Shoot for the Short film took place at the back end of May over one the Summer’s rainiest weekends testing both the hearts and minds of both cast and crew. However, the resulting shots were fantastic and really encapsulated the more regular dramatic weather Yorkshire sees. Trust me we know!

The first day of filming took place in the north Yorkshire Dales at the Tan Hill Inn. We used this fantastic location to shoot bar scene, as it was literally the oldest, the most rural, and the most rustic pub in Yorkshire we could find. With no civilisation for 9 miles in every direction and being the highest inn in England, The Tan Hill was perfect for the short films final scene.

Day 2 of the shoot we filmed the garage scene. We used the Movi M10 provided by Movi Hire to achieve the smooth opening shot of the film and used the Red Epic with 50mm and 100mm lenses to achieve the tight shots and slow motion at 5K.

When Roger said ‘when the heavens open’ he wasn’t joking. On the final day of shooting they really did and shooting with over £70,000 worth of camera equipment in some the worst conditions didn’t make things any easier. However, we persevered and managed to maintain all of our equipment and if anything the stormy weather added to feel of the film. We used an electronic dolly from FLYKA to get up close with the cyclist as he rode along the winding roads around Skipton. We also again made use of the amazing stabilisation technology of the Movi M10 which took out all the camera shake so we could track the cyclist up close with no jitter what so ever in the shots.

Tour De Yorkshire – The Finish was also an opportunity to pull in local Yorkshire businesses to help them become part of the buzz surrounding the Le Tour Yorkshire. Wilson’s Pies from Crossgates and Woodrup Cycles of Leeds who both feature in the film helped support the production and allowed the original ideas and concepts for the short film become a reality.

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